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Mold Assessments

Our Certified Mold Assessors will conduct a thorough inspection of your property following Protocols established by the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI).


This process includes:

1. Initial screening / assessment interview

2. Detailed visual inspection of property

3. Collection of samples

  • Air-o-cell samples
  • EnviroSwab samples
  • Bulk samples (if req)
  • Moisture meter readings
  • Humidity and temp readings.

4.    Laboratory analysis of samples

5. Generate Assessment Report detailing Lab results and if required providing remediation recommendations according w/ nationally accepted protocols.

6. Post Testing of Clean up or Remediation (if required).


Mold Assessment Services

1. Professional Screening Partner Program
  • In association with NORMI we offer this cost effective program which allows homeowners / property owners like you partner with All Pro Remediation to assess concerns, define the causes, and develop solutions to correct mold and IAQ problems.
2. Client Defined Sampling
  • Client has identified a mold problem and wishes to have us sample the area and report findings.
3. Defined Post Cleaning
  • Client has identified a mold problem and has had the area cleaned and wishes to have samples taken to ensure proper resolution.
4. Limited Mold Assessment
  • All Pro will complete a full inspection of the property to identify any areas of concern. Samples will be taken of any visible mold and we will report findings.
5. Advanced Mold Assessment
  • After presence of mold or microbial contamination has been established All Pro Remediation can act as the “Architect” to develop remediation specifications.
6. Clearance Testing

Upon cleaning and / or remediation of a property subsequent to a Limited Mold Assement All Pro will again inspect the property and take samples to ensure environment has been brought to within acceptable tolerances.

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