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Sanitization Vs. Remediation
According to NORMI

The standard for Sanitazation is clear:

  • When no visible mold is present the environment can be sanitized, OR…
  • When visible mold is NOT Stachbotrys and is less than 20 square feet either cumulative or contiguous and no moisture content.


The standard for Remediation is clear…

  • When visible mold (of any variety) exeddeds 20 square feet either cumulative or contiguous, vialbe or not, OR…
  • When visible mold is identified as Stachybotrys it must be remediated whether it is visible or not, OR…
  • When Stachybotrys is found, any visible mold, regardless of the varienty or viabliity, must also be remediatied, OR…
  • When visible mold (of any variety) is present and viable, and the Qagner Moisture Meter on the spot exceed 17% moisture content, that specific area must be remdeiated.

Mold Sanitization / Remediation

Our Certified Mold Remediators will mobilize quickly to contain and resolve your mold condition. We will provide the required materials and equipment to:

1. Establish containment of the effected areas to prevent further contamination.

2. Establish negative air pressure in contained area and install HEPA-filtered air scrubbers to remove spores and particulates from the environment.

3. Post monitoring equipment to track air pressure, relative humidity, and temperature.

4. Provide dehumidifying equipment to control any moisture issues.

5. Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to all personal

6. Remediate mold contaminated areas as outlined by the Assessor.

7. Provide through Micro-Clean of entire contaminated area including walls, ceilings, fixtures, contents etc.  This will be done utilizing HEPA vacumes, biocides, cleansers, sanitizers, disinfectants,etc.

8. Roto Cleaning of HVAC Duct system and filters.

9. Proper removal and disposal off-site of all debris and waste.

10. Maintenance of containment until final Post Remediation testing establishes acceptable clearance

11. Coordination of Indpendant Post Remediation Testing

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