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At the end of your rope?


We have an affordable answer to your Chinese Drywall Headache!!! READ ON


Up until recently nobody had any answers to this catastrophic situation faced by so many homeowners.  You were told that the only solution was to gut the structure and redo all the electric, plumbing, hvac and finishes.  Well how much would that cost…$100’s of thousands of dollars?. Who will lay out the funds until if and when a court gives you any kind of relief?  Where do you stay in the meantime? Where do you put all your belongings in the interim?


Well now, as an alternative to the complete remediation / removal approach there is another option!!


The National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors, NORMI, has been conducting extensive research on the problem of Chinese Drywall and based on the most current information, there is sufficient evidence to conclude that the problems with corrosive drywall are both biological and mechanical:


Biological—An acidophilic H2S bacteria has been found in corrosive drywall but is absent in domestic dry-wall.

Mechanical—Elevated levels of strontium and elemental sulfur have also been found present in corrosive dry-wall. This provides a food source for bacteria.


NORMI has created an “Interim Control In-Place Protocol” or Mitigation Protocol

This mitigation protocol addresses the problem of corrosive drywall in a wholistic, NON-DESTRUCTIVE way by offering a biological and mechanical solutions.


Biological – This bacteria is susceptible to a NORMI™ Approved EPA Registered biocide Product and an on-site test has confirmed it reduces the bacteria inside the drywall media.  This product can be applied to the walls without any damage or disruption to either the walls or other property.


Mechanical – Exposed copper will removed and replaced. Typically, however, those areas where soft metals where not exposed have not been found to have been effected therefore no remediation is recommended.  This leaves you with the “A” Coil for the HVAC, any copper plumbing, and “clipping and striping” the electrical connections.


Supplemental Wholistic  - In addition to the above further measures are put in place to address the overall Indoor Air Quailty (IAQ).


Now instead of the old “tear it all out” approach with costs for a typical re-mediation protocol of much as $75 to $125 per sq/ft of floor space, we now have a non-destructive and significantly lower cost solution than anyone in the market place - - i.e. $15 to $25 per sq/ft for a typical home.


Why take their word for it?  Don’t!!! Take the Warranty!!!!!

NORMI stands behind their program with their “Healthier Home Warranty”, which provides three- year renewable protection against further incident.  This Warranty not only provides you with ongoing peace of mind but is transferable to any future owners thereby helping you preserve the value of your property!
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